You are the reason……

…… I believe in love ♥


NEW @ Addams
Addams // Love Rush Dress
>> Details

NEW @ tram
tram G0904 hair

NEW @ Shiny Shabby (September 20th – October 15th)
*LODE* Head Accessory – Dahlia Wreath [kiss]
>> Gacha KEY

Coming SOON @ MATSURI (Octber 1st -31st) / Website
[addme.] Pose#095 (Single-Bento/Lay)
– [addme.] Pose#095-1mirrorBento

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Gorgeous crochet


NEW @ Addams
Addams // Curie Crochet Dress

NEW @ Shiny Shabby – tram (April 20th – May 15th)
tram G0314 hair(unrigged)

NEW @ Pose Fair 2017 (April 14th – 29th) * addme. Booth LM
[addme.] Pose#082 (Stand)     — [addme.] Pose#082-5

Dreaming in heaven


NEW @ BishBox (January 20th -)
[White~Widow] Silence – White
— tattoo on Legs

NEW @ Shiny Shabby (January 20th – February 15th)
[White~Widow] Harmonium – White
— tattoo on Upper body, VISTA Hands & Neck on Catya

NEW @ The Epiphany (January 15th – February 15th)
TRUTH Kingdoms Crown
Insol: Mashell’s secrets #RARE
_CD_Mary Collection Ruffle Panty Belleza Isis White

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