The dusk at Rotenburo


NEW @ Creators Collection Box 6 (May 20th -)
[addme.] Pose#075 (Single-Stand) / [addme.] Pose#075-2(Stand)
*This pose pack is very good for Uchiwa (round paper fan)
[MB] ROTENBURO -Japanese Outdoor Bath- Gacha
—– 1 [MB] Yuya -Bath House-  [RARE]
—– 3 [MB] Takebei -Bamboo Wall- (Tall)
—– 4 [MB] Takebei -Bamboo Wall- (low)
—– 5 [MB] Bamboo partition set
—– 7 [MB] Bath Cair
—– 8 [MB] Teoke -Bath Pail-
—– 9 [MB] shanpoo Bottle Set
—– 10 [MB] Bath Duck (touch)
—– 12 [MB] Tourou -Bath Light- Black (touch)
—– 13 [MB] Sake set in Bath
—– 15 [MB] Mizu Uchiwa -Gold Fish- (wear)

NEW @ Collabor88 (May 8th -)
+elua+ Roanna – Americana
* “Americana” color is exclusive on this hair

[Hime!]Yukata2015(Nagagi) ajisai – light blue
[Hime!]Yukata2015(OBI) <pink for Ajisai>

[[RH]] Turishinobu (Blue)
[DDD] Asian Fence – Bamboo Straight

in a dreamy mood…


NEW @ Uber (March, 25th – April 23rd)
.::Dead Dollz::. Blair Dress – White
+elua+ Mose

NEW @ SaNaRae
violetta. -SaNaRae7R limited lips 01(teeth)

Location: -外苑- The Outer Garden

(Yummy) Large Pearl Earring (L) – White
(Yummy) Large Pearl Earring (R) – White
(Yummy) Satin Bow & Pearls – White
[[RH]] Old Rose Bouquet -Pink- (Sit) Wear me!
Slink Mesh eyelids (solid) (photo prop)
-Glam Affair – Katra skin [ Europa ] 06 B

pose: addme. – unreleased (for this shot)

friscalating dusk light


NEW @ Collabor88 (Feb. 8  – Mar. 6)
*:..Silvery K..:* Kimono Gown(Black)


NEW @ Objets D’Amour
[CX] Armored Black/Gold (Maitreya)
[CX] Chain Add-on for Armored Gold(Unrigged)

NEW @ The Liaison Collaborative
[CX] Stratum Collar Black/Gold (Unscripted)

[addme.] Pose#053 (posepack) / adm053-3mr
-Glam Affair – Katra skin [ America ] 07 NB
IKON Sovereign Eyes – Armor (ML)
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara, Hands & Feet
violetta. -F maro-mayu eyebrows(Dark Tone)

(detail of decor)

Preparating Garden Camp – Winter


NEW @ Wayward Winter (Jan. 18th – 31th)
hive // cabin in the woods
[atooly.home] black star w/ wrapped lights
[atooly.home] white star w/ wrapped lights
GOOSE – couple sit pallet
GOOSE – single sit pallet
GOOSE – pallet fence
Vulcano X – Orange (… insice the cabin)

NEW @ The Seasons Story – Winter (Jan.10-31)
uK- Shabby Cabinet White
5 [[RH]] Heater
poche Little lotta  Apple cookie box(rez
poche Little lotta Bamse cake box(rez
poche Little lotta ringoberry waffle box(rez
Warm roll cabbage pot-au-feu
JIAN :: White Tail Deer – Male Adult (Animated)
JIAN :: White Tail Deer – Fawn (Animated)
JIAN :: White Tail Deer – Female Adult (Animated)

NEW @ Kustom9 (Jan. 15th -)
[NO CONCEPT] Cargo trailer(white)

NEW @ LTD: The Event (Jan. 12 – 26)
:CP: Harmony Hanging Canopy Lounger (PG)

:CP: Modern Industrial Coffee Table
Bauhaus Movement – Californication –  Rug Midnight

Happiness is a Warm Room


NEW @ The Seasons Story – Winter (Jan.10-31)
=Zenith=Lace Knit Coat Dress (brown) – Fitted/ Maitreya
Astralia – Lolita set (common flats)  yellow

:CP: Easton Set
└ :CP: Composition Notebook
└ :CP: Easton Coffee Table
└ :CP: Easton Hanging Heart Planter
└ :CP: Easton Lamp
└ :CP: Easton Love Letter Board
└ :CP: Easton Rug
└ :CP: Easton Side Chair (PG)
└ :CP: Easton Sofa (PG)

poche Little lotta Cinnamon roll
└ Cinnamon roll  Basket poche
└ Cinnamon roll
└ poche hot cocoa // on hand
└ mat

└ 5 [[RH]] YAKAN
└ 5 [[RH]] Heater
└ 6 [[RH]] Cat (red) CHIGURA

JIAN :: White Tail Deer – Male Adult (Animated)

NEW @ Cosmopolitan {Round 8/4} (Jan. 3rd – 16th)
Art Space – Skybox – Small V1.0

NEW @ Project Limited
+elua+ Isha

-Glam Affair – Katra skin [ Artic ] 06 F
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara & Hands
IKON Triumph Eyes – Quicksilver

a morning on the new year


NEW @ Japonica – 和物市 / Year End Japanese Market (2015/12/26 – 2016/1/7 last day!)
tomoto, kimonoM two ribbons white
[addme.] Pose#057 (posepack)

NEW @ Cosmopolitan {Round 8/4} (Jan. 3rd – 16th)
[CX] Hell’s Gate Bridge (Silver)

IKON Odyssey Eyes – Storm

[[RH]] Japanese House (Mesh) all linked