Caught up in you………


NEW @ Uber (July 25th – August 23rd)
tram G0718 hair

NEW @ KAGAMI 2017 (MALL: July 17th – August 28th) / Web
*:..Silvery K..:*KimonoMesh(Honey trap)FatPack(AutoHide)
*:..Silvery K..:*Tubaki Choker(Red)mr
> Details (Shop Site / Flickr)

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Friend’s talk


NEW @ Shoetopia (March 25th – April 15th)
Blueberry – Celia Boots – High Heel
* Flat Heel included   >>Details

NEW @ Uber (Link to Web) (March 25th – April 23rd)
tram G0310 hair

NEW @ Collabor88 (March 8th – April 6th)     & TP to OffSIM1 / OffSIM2
Soy. Mug & Donut Set

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Hope to see you soon…


NEW @ The Crossroads (March 3rd – 28th)
tram G0220 hair

NEW @ The Arcade (Link to Web) (March 1st – 31st)
#21 Blueberry – Iconic Doll – Bra – Pixie
Blueberry Gacha Trade (in-world group)

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