Planning to……


NEW @ Addams
Addams // Jane Crop Top
Addams // Jane Denim Overoll
Addams // Jane Case Heel
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A long… night……


NEW @ Addams
Addams // Joelle Lingerie Bra
Addams // Joelle Lingerie Panty
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NEW @ Uber (September 25th – October 23rd)
:CP: Charlie Lightbox
:CP: Charlie Boxes
:CP: Charlie Plant Vase
:CP: Charlie Frames
:CP: Charlie Shelves
:CP: Charlie Bed
:CP: Charlie Ottoman
:CP: Charlie Lamp
:CP: Charlie Rug
:CP: Book Decor Dollarbie
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DOUX – Juniper Hairstyle

NEW @ Kustom9 (September 15th – October 10th)
:HAIKEI: Take Me Away_Gacha / RARE

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The fear of being alone


dust bunny . storybook living . fresh bouquet
{BE} Love Letter
dust bunny . wanderlust . thrown shirt
:HAIKEI: Old Stray Paper
DRD – evening romance –  whiteclouds
:CP: City Loft Skybox

pose by me (unreleased – for this shot)

A Busy Night


NEW @ 6 Republic Event (May 6th – 20th)
:CP: City Loft Skybox
:CP: London Rusted Bed
:CP: Clara Sideboard Pitch (Drawers)
Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT- Old Books [TypeA]
Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT- Old Books [TypeB]
not so bad . NEW YORK gacha . vintage basketball
not so bad . NEW YORK gacha . mesh . vintage basketball   —gacha’s package

:CP: Taylor Rugs
:CP: Industrial Repurposed Mono Whale
:CP: Cassandra Case Table – Stripes
:CP: Repurposed Mono Wall Light
:HAIKEI: Life is noise_gacha {4}   — curtain
:HAIKEI: white cosmos pot
:HAIKEI: Old Stray Paper
{BE} Letter Pads and  fountain pen
{BE} Love Letter
Apple Fall Elderflower Cordial
Apple Fall ‘iFall’ Notebook 2015
Apple Fall Design Books
AF Rose Bouquet
AF Magazine Files
Soy. Potted Pothos [Ssize]

Cheeky Pea Spring Sale//

early summer sunlight


NEW @ The Epiphany (April 12th  – )
:CP: Country Case – USA Special

NEW @ Kustom9 (April 15th  – )
Glam Affair – Geometric Loft
└ GA Home – Mosaic Rug
└ GA Home – Geometric Floor Lamp
└ GA Home – Vase
└ GA Home – Wall Pins
└ GA Home – Candles on Metal Holders
└ GA Home – Cabinet RARE
:HAIKEI: Life is noise_gacha {1}
:HAIKEI: Life is noise_gacha {2}
:HAIKEI: Life is noise_gacha {3}
:HAIKEI: Life is noise_gacha {4}

NEW @ Collabor88
Soy. Potted Ponytail Palm [Ssize] / resized
Soy. Potted Cactus Opuntia [Ssize] / resized

LISP – Mesh – Newspaper and Coffee – Peach with steam 2li
11. Glam Affair – Skybox RARE