Will be……


NEW @ Collabor88 (January 8th – February 6th) & TP to OffSIM1 / OffSIM2
Blueberry – Girls Night – Bra Top
Blueberry – Girls Night – Split Skirt
>> Details

NEW @ Uber (December 25th – January 23rd) & Cam Shopping SIM
>> Details
tram G1204 hair / HUD-B
>> Details

IKON Sovereign Eyes – Wight
[Knot&co.] Lucy_Eyebags (CATWA) (@ Chanta)

Pose by me / unreleased – for this shot

Inspired the word – “KAHUKUIHUKU” (禍福倚伏) – by Laozi (“Tao Te Ching”, Chapter 58)

“KAHUKUIHUKU” (禍福倚伏) means… Happy and unhappy comes by turns causality.
“禍福”(KAHUKU) means “Happy and unhappy”,
“倚伏”(IHUKU) means “Hide under the others each other”.

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