Really annoying! Go away!!


NEW @ The Epiphany (October 15th – November 15th)
Addams – Bad Bunny Mask #49 RARE
Addams – Bad Bunny BodySuit Latex  – Freya #12 RARE
Addams – Bad Bunny Glooves  – Freya Latex #36
Addams – Bad Bunny Boots  – Freya #42 RARE

NEW INFORMATION! “Addams Gacha Trade” (in-world Group)
All who have questions or want to exchange items, can join without addicional cost.
Addams items only, as well as exclusively trading.
Please, no selling and/or MP links.

NEW @ The Seasons Story (October 9th – October 31st)
[White~Widow] Deepwater – Black

NEW @ Collabor88 (October 8th – November 6th)
Soy. Aged Leather Couch [black]

Pose: [addme.] – unreleased

-Belleza- Freya V2.01
little bones. Buffy
#Foxy – Suede Wrap Choker ‘Black’ Silver

Soy. Potted Pothos [Ssize]
Soy. Potted Ponytail Palm [Ssize]

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