Street Snap: A Roller Girl


NEW @ The Epiphany (July 15th – August 15th)
TRUTH HAIR Atalia [+chest]
Addams // Roller Skate Left // Belleza(Isis) // 1
Addams // Roller Skate Right // Belleza(Isis) // 1
Addams // Skate Leash // White/Rainbow
Addams // Skate Protection Pack // Belleza(Isis) // 3
Addams // Tini BodySuit // Belleza(Isis) // 2
Addams // Tini Flare Skirt w/Panties // Belleza(Isis) // 2
[White~Widow] Shallows – Henna – Top

Location : The Trace

-Belleza- Isis
-Belleza- Grace SK 2 Br
-Belleza- Grace SK Blush
-Belleza- SK HB Dark
IKON Sovereign Eyes – Armor
[addme.] Pose#028-5 —– edited head/neck/LHand by Animare

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