The Encounter


NEW @ Shiny Shabby
Bauhaus Movement – Stricken Hat /  Black
Bauhaus Movement – Stricken Piercing / Black

NEW @ Kustom9 (Jan. 15th -)
[CX] Vision of the Blind R (Black)

NEW @ The Mens Dept ( – Jan. 31st)
[INK] Catch Pierce 002 (L
[INK] Catch Pierce 002 (R

NEW @ Cosmopolitan {Round 9/4} (Jan. 18th – 30th)
Kaithleen’s Leather Harness Male TMP

NEW @ On9 (Jan. 9th – 28th)
[CX] Drop Lip Piercing Black (Silver)
[CX] Drop Septum (Silver)

[White~Widow] Disclosure – The Mesh Project
IKON Odyssey Eyes – Storm
[INK] Hair___MATAY ::Black (Resize
[CheerNo] Tongue_Natural
[NikotiN] Classic Cigarette – Nextgen (Mouth)

{anc} Confetti. float [sepia]
{anc} Confetti. straight (A) [sepia]

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