After the party



NEW @ The Gacha Garden (*How to Play)
[CX] Wendigo Horns (Seed of Inspiration)

NEW @ The Seasons Story – Autumn * 2 year Anniversary * (Oct.10th – Oct.31st)
=Zenith=Coffin Backpack (Black)
[CX] Riveted Chains (Black)

NEW @ Shiny Shabby (Oct.20th – )
=Zenith=Vintage corset dress -Black

NEW @ TAG! Gacha ( starting point)
[CX] Heretic Nail (Untainted)

NEW @ The Epiphany ( – Nov. 12th)
(WP blog / WIX blog *Please check how to play before you go*)
[CX] Saint’s Suffering Blindfold (Black)

NEW @ CerberusXing *Group Gift*
[CX] Bloody Tongue

location @ the outer garden

pose : [s]sakurapetals008 @ addme.
tram E817 hair / jetblack (size40)
-Glam Affair – Katra skin [ Europa ] 08 NB
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands & Feet
Clemmm – Finger Bandages *SLINK*
Clemmm – SLink Bloody Feet


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