Halloween Night


NEW @ uber
:CP: Kitsch Candle Group
(Cheeky Pea Kitsch Halloween Set)

NEW @ The Mens Dept
[NO CONCEPT] Halloween pumpkin Lamp
[NO CONCEPT] Halloween ghost
[NO CONCEPT] Halloween book
[NO CONCEPT] Halloween pumpkin
([NO CONCEPT] Halloween Set)

NEW @ The Fantasy Collective
:CP: Burton Tea Dreamtime Chandelier
:CP: Burton Tea Chair Herringbone
:CP: Burton Tea Cake Plate
:CP: Burton Teapot
:CP: Burton Tea Sugar Bowl
:CP: Burton Teacup Full
:CP: Burton Tea Plate
:CP: Burton Tea Table
:CP: Burton Rug
:CP: Burton Art – Arched Cat
:CP: Burton Art – Hoot
:CP: Burton Art – Pumpkin
(:CP: Burton Tea Party)

NEW @ Cosmopolitan {1/4} (Sep. 28th – Oct. 11th)
CONSTRUCT – Skull and Candle
CONSTRUCT – Skeleton with torch
[[RH]] Art deco style Cabinet (Dark Brown)
[[RH]] Art deco style Iron screen (Black)
[[RH]] Art deco style lamp (Black)


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